Spoofing is a new online fraud scam. Viewers receive emails that look

very official, seemingly from ebay, paypal, etc. with requests to

update your password or credit card information. Never… Ever…Ever

send personal information via email!

If you are in doubt, log onto the email sender’s website to see if

there are any notes or messages regarding the email you received. I have

been dealing with the internet for years, and this one almost got past


Credit Card Scams

Criminals will often steal credit cards and use them to purchase

products at eBay or other estores. They will then have the merchandise

mailed to a post office box. After the products are picked up, the post

office box is closed and another box will be rented in a different

location. It is important that you only send products to the confirmed

address listed with paypal.com. A confirmed address is the address that

the credit card is issued to, and it is easy to verify this with either

the credit card company or paypal.

Important – eBay Fraud Protection

Many people don’t know eBay will reimburse buyers up to $200.00 (less

$25.00 to cover processing costs) in cases of non-shipment or

significant misrepresentation of items purchased on ebay.

Payment Options

Paypal is a fantastic payment service. eBay purchased this company in

2002. There is zero fraud risk if you follow their basic procedures.

You can send and receive payments in seconds.

http://www.bidpay.com also provides a great service. This is a division of

Western Union. I accept bidpay only for international purchases. You

receive an email confirmation and a check in 3-5 days; only then do you

ship your product.

Before submitting credit card numbers over the internet, ensure that

you are using a secure server. The beginning of the web address in your

browser window should be “https://” and not “http://” For secure

server pages, you should also see a “lock” icon at the bottom of the


COD stands for Cash on Delivery. I do not recommend this type of

payment; however, there are occasions when a buyer will request a COD

payment. This is how it works: Items can be sent via UPS, Fed Ex, or

similar carriers. The sender fills out a form stating it is COD and the

carrier collects the payment when the shipment is delivered. It

usually takes several days for you to receive the payment.

The main reason I don’t use this type of payment is simple. It is more

expensive! Another reason is that as many as 50%-60% of the deliveries

are refused when the shipment is delivered. Some buyers have even

paid for shipments with fraudulent cashier’s checks. As you can see, it

is not a payment method that makes sense. When you run a business, you

need to look at the big picture; and that is to eliminate any

unnecessary expense or fraud.

I do not accept personal checks…..ever.

Money orders, United States Postal Service and others. I have never

received a fraudulent money order.


Source by Tim Gilberg

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