eBay Explained: Questions From Bidders

Questions from bidders is a great eBay feature. It allows interested parties to make enquiries about your eBay listings. They just click on a link on the item page, type in their question & the question is automatically emailed to the seller of the item.

This is great for sellers also. Firstly it gives them an indication of how much interest is being shown in their item. The higher the interest, normally translates to more bids and a higher end price.

Also sellers can retain the details of interested parties, should they sell similar goods in the future. A quick friendly email normally will result in a future sale.

This is especially true of sellers of digital goods, such as ebooks, or special reports when they can sell more than one copy. However be sure not to solictiate any sales away from eBay initially. Also use eBays Contact Member feature, so you are not seen to be spamming them.

Once a buyer has made there first sale on eBay from you, they are your customer so you can then deal with them directly on and away from eBay. Until this time, tread carefully about emailing them.

Just one word of warning: Many scammers are now using the Question From Bidders, to try and obtain personal details about you. You may get an email, claiming to be from eBay with a question from a bidder. When you click on this link within the email to reply it will take you to a clone of eBays site, prompting you to enter personal details.

So, all genuine Questions From Bidders now appear in My eBay. Be sure to answer them directly from the My eBay control panel so you don’t get caught out.

Source by Mark Kenny

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