Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Bada Boob

I promise you that headline will make sense by the point you’re completed studying this publish.

The pops of this week’s Dr. Pimple Popper episode, ranked so as from didn’t kill me to I’m hitting publish from the afterlife and regardless that I now not possess an precise abdomen, it stays turned:

Patient: Louis, 70, Superior, Wisconsin

Condition: An “unknown skin disease” in Louis’s estimation that was throughout his arms, legs, and toes. “I have open splits,” along with scales, stated Louis.

If you suppose it seems tough on, you haven’t seen something till you watch him pull off his pores and skin in what he describes as “sheets”:

When he noticed Dr. Lee, she instructed him, “You could use that as writing paper!”

“Dear Mom, Send help. And moisturizer. Love, Son.”

Dr. PP, who regardless of her appreciable expertise isn’t not having her thoughts blown by the specimens TLC digs up, referred to as Louis’s situation “the most extreme case of scaly skin that I’ve ever seen.” After sending off some samples for testing, she ultimately identified it as hyperkeratosis/an ichthyosis situation. Louis contended that he developed his situation on account of being round poisonous chemical compounds in Kuwait when he served there in Desert Storm, however Dr. PP stated it was too robust to pinpoint the situation given different parts of Louis’s way of life which will have contributed.

How stomach-turning was the therapy?: It went as easily as Vaseline. Literally. Dr. Lee really helpful “wet wraps” that consisted of Louis (and/or his son) smearing the issue areas in Vaseline, placing a moist sock over them, after which wrapping them in plastic. And then she instructed him to do this at house. And that was that!

The outcomes: In a follow-up go to, they have been placing:

“I don’t think I’ve seen his feet pink in over a decade,” famous his son. And he didn’t want rose-colored glasses or something.

What was most essential was that Dr. PP eradicated Louis’s appreciable ache—he instructed her that he can now stroll with no cane. And he may even dance. And then he danced with Dr. PP. I set the scene to Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father” as a result of it’s a pleasant music and it’s enjoyable to think about Louis calling Dr. Pimple Popper “Daddy.”

Patient: Irais, 28, Laguna Hills, California

Condition: A pilar cyst that Irais referred to (in Spanish—she doesn’t converse a lot English) as “the ball.”

If you’re curious concerning the structure of the ball, Irais has acquired you:

Irais moved from Acapulco to the United States in the hunt for the American dream, in line with her cousin-interpreter Gil. But that dream turned a nightmare about eight years in the past when the ball began knocking on her scalp. It was initially a zit that simply blew up. I swear each bump I get now that I’ve watched this present appears like a harbinger of immense disfigurement. She needed to preserve her hair up for her job at a quick meals restaurant and clients routinely requested her what the bump was. She didn’t point out in her intro bundle what her reply is, however I assume she instructed them, “It’s the ball,” and leaves it at that. her bump was so large that I feel it’s honest for not simply Irais however for all of us to think about this the ball out of all of the balls. (I additionally now can’t cease imagining what my head would appear to be with a single testicle rising from it.)

Additionally, her children have been being teased at college over their mom’s ball. That’s notably unfair (it’s not even their ball!). Kids might be so merciless.

How stomach-turning was the therapy?: I gasped. Firstly, the best way that Dr. Lee lower away the pores and skin to get to the cyst after which dug her fingers in there completely made it appear to be the cyst had foreskin.

And then there was this:

And then, this:

This is pornography!????

Irais, who’s such a mother, cried upon seeing her ball-less head, saying first that she’s so glad that the bullying of her kids will cease. It’s so pretty that she considered them first and never how it might enhance her personal day-to-day life!

The outcomes: Without the ball, Irais is so glad now.

The bullying has stopped, the ball is gone, all is filled with love.

Patient: Johnny, 77, Valencia, California

This man is three years away from 80! I think about it a disservice on the a part of TLC that there was no point out of Johnny’s magnificence routine/anti-aging secrets and techniques. This is, broadly, a present about skincare, rattling it!

Condition: He has a “nipple-less” boob that he refers to as “Bada Boob” on his again. Eventually it was identified as a lipoma.

Regarding Bada Boob (it’s a correct identify), Johnny stated, “If my mind were in other places, I might get turned on, who knows?” Dude, that remark is proof that your thoughts is in these locations, and if you need extra proof, watch him fondle:

Alexa, play “Feel U Up” by Prince.

How stomach-turning was the therapy?: I gasped and turned lightheaded. Johnny’s lipoma was “tethered” in that it was caught to a muscle, and I haaaaate once they get caught to muscle groups. Johnny winced via Dr. Lee’s makes an attempt at removing, however I guarantee you this was a lot, rather more painful for me as a viewer.

She lastly snipped it off.


Dr. Lee reported that although it took Johnny some time to heal, “he is happy, he is healthy, and I hope his bump never returns.” She forgot to say that he’s nonetheless fantastic as hell!!

I’m nearly unhappy to report that for the primary time in Dr. Pimple Popper historical past, not a single assertion evaluating some form of discharge or lump to meals was made. Not one! The closest Dr. PP got here is when she in contrast the contents of Irais’s cyst to vomit:

I suppose vomit might be thought of meals should you’re disgusting. And should you watch this present as carefully as I do, you simply is perhaps.

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