Disabling the Windows Live Messenger


Windows live messenger is a built in chat client that enables users to stay connected with each other. It allows its subscribers to share photos, customize the themes or skins of the chat client and send multiple instant messages to your friends, family and peers. The former name of Windows live messenger is MSN messenger or just MSN its evolution, from just a simple IM text messenger to PC to phone calls. Windows messenger has many great features. The following are the list of its features.

1. Sharing folders which is an alternative to transferring data directly to the recipient and is bundled with an anti-virus so that they can prevent virus sharing.

2. PC to phone and PC to PC calls are also allowed but is only offered to some countries like United Kingdom and United States of America.

3. Interoperability with Yahoo messenger, which means a user need not to create another account for yahoo just to send an instant message to yahoo messenger users.

4. Offline messaging is also supported which allows online users to send a message to their offline peers and friends and the recipient can still receive the message when they use the messenger again. Users can also send message to the friends whose status is “offline”.

5. Games are also available in the messenger which allows users to challenge their online friends in a game.

6. Lastly, it support was already released in Xbox 360 and is known as windows live messenger 360. This allows the messenger users to see the gamer “tags” of their friends who are logged on to Xbox live which also include the game they are currently playing.

However, people who do not use windows messenger or they wish not to automatically set it online upon logging to the windows operating system may disable the automatic running of the services at window’s control panel. Just follow the six simple steps below to disable your live messenger.

1. Press the windows button on your keyboard then click the “control panel” icon.

2. Click “administrative tools” then services.

3. On the service list search for “windows live messenger” or “windows messenger” and double click it.

4. On the “General Tab” look for “Startup type” menu and change the value by clicking the drop box and selecting the “disabled” option on the drop down box.

5. Click “Apply” then “Ok” buttons afterwards.

6. Press Alt-F4 on your keyboard to close the “services” window or click “x” on the upper right corner of the window.

When you start your windows again, windows live messenger should not start automatically. This will allow your computer to reallocate the resources being used for live messenger to other significant computer process or service.


Source by Brian Jones Jr.

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