Dee Gordon is really at Yankees over HBP injury


The grimace Dee Gordon wore on his face said it all. The Seattle Mariners second baseman was feeling a mix of pain and frustration Thursday night after being drilled near the right wrist by a 90-mph fastball from New York Yankees left-hander JA Happ.

Hours later, not much had changed following a 3-1 loss in which Yankees pitching limited Seattle to just two hits. While the extent of Gordon’s injury was not yet known after x-rays proved inconclusive, the extent of his frustration was crystal clear when he verbally lashed out at Happ.

According to Gordon, Happ has twice thrown pitches at his head and that’s something he’s not going to stand for.

On Friday, Gordon clarified that the first incident happened years ago when he played for the Marlins and Happ pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He also noted that was the only timed he’d faced Happ before Thursday’s hit-by-pitch.

Gordon’s initial comments did not draw a response from Happ and the Yankees on Thursday. However, Happ decided to weigh in before Friday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.


“I took offense to it. I think it’s absurd,” Happ said Friday afternoon at Tropicana Field.

“I would like to think he was running on emotion when he said it,” Happ said. “I would like to give him some benefit of the doubt there. I played with his dad. I’ve been doing this for a little while. It’s sort of like an insult thrown at me. Using each side of the plate is the way the game’s been played for the last 150 years. I think it was sort of embarrassing and disappointed that it was even a headline. I would like to think that he regrets saying it but maybe not.”

It does seem like Gordon’s emotions got the best of him in this situation. But that’s easy to say when you weren’t the one staring down a 90-mph fastball.

Worth noting, the Yankees and Mariners will meet again Aug. 25-27 in Seattle.

Dee Gordon avoids injured list

As for the Mariners, their focus on Friday turned to Gordon’s long-term outlook. Fortunately, they received good news on that front. While Gordon’s availability might be limited this weekend in Boston, he’s expected to avoid the injured list after all test results came back negative.

That’s a huge relief for Seattle and Gordon.

The 31-year-old is off to a strong start in 2019. He entered Thursday’s game batting .304/.327/.406. He’d shown some surprising pop as well, launching three home runs through the team’s first 39 games. That’s one shy of his career high.

As usual, Gordon has been a major factor on the bases. His 10 stolen bases lead the Mariners and are second to only Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox in MLB.

Needless to say, the Mariners are much more dynamic with Gordon in the lineup.

Mariners second baseman Dee Gordon calls out Yankees pitcher JA Happ after being injured by hit-by-pitch. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

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