A “sudden untoward incident” inquiry is being carried out by a mental health trust following the death of the daughter of musician Tricky, a coroner has heard.

An inquest was told 24-year-old Mina Topley-Bird died in May at West Park Hospital in Darlington.

Sitting at Crook Civic Centre, County Durham Senior Coroner Jeremy Chipperfield held a brief hearing to learn of progress made in the inquest process.

Mina was the daughter of musician Tricky and singer Martina Topley-Bird
Mina was the daughter of musician Tricky and singer Martina Topley-Bird

The coroner’s officer told him: “Tees Esk and Wear Valleys Mental Health Services are doing a sudden untoward incident investigation which is not due until 21 October”.

The case was adjourned for a further “mention hearing” on 28 October.

Ms Topley-Bird was the daughter of record producer, rapper and actor Tricky – and singer Martina Topley-Bird – and was a member of the Guildford music collective, 404.

In a series of posts on social media, the 404 paid tribute to Mina, describing her as a “beautiful soul” – who was “brave, caring and immensely strong”.

They added that: “Through her music she is eternal and will never be forgotten”.

Following his daughter’s death, Tricky wrote on Facebook: “I thought I knew what loss was, but now my daughter is gone I realise I had no idea what it was after all.

“It feels like I’m in a world that doesn’t exist, knowing nothing will ever be the same again.

“No words or text can really explain – my soul feels empty.

Tricky said his soul felt 'empty' following his daughter's death
Tricky said his soul felt ’empty’ following his daughter’s death

“Mazy Mina, my daughter, had two names – some people called her Mazy, some people called her Mina. She had an amazing talent for singing and songwriting; songs which will be finished and heard.

“Your words and songs will live on, I will make sure they do. I haven’t had the strength to even look at a picture of you until now – people will hear your voice and songs.

“All my heart – what’s left of it.

“Love you Mazy Mina, Dad”.

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