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– Videos Daru Jones his new PDP Drums and Paiste cymbals
2017 can be marked as the Gear Year for Daru Jones. Not only did DW Drums create a signature PDP portable hip-hop kit for him, he also collaborated with Paiste on a complete new cymbal series called the PST X DJs 45. Knowing that both DW and Paiste are not keen on creating signature lines for artists, the companies must have thought that his ideas on different sized and built instruments are just too good to not work on them.

Being a New Yorker, Daru needed gig-friendly instruments to get around quickly and without too much hassle. With PDP, the solution was found in a 4-piece kit with DW Ultralight hardware and includes cases. The shells are hybrid poplar/maple, and the short stack dimensions make the kit sound wonderfully big and warm. The DW Ultralight hardware won the Product Excellence Award at the 2016 NAMM Show.

Specs Daru Jones New Yorker:
– Gold-to-Black Sparkle Fade Lacquer Finish
– Chrome Hardware
– 5×10″ Rack Tom
– 7×13″ Floor Tom
– 10×20″ Bass Drum
– 6×13″ Snare Drum

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