COVID-19: Natives vow to dismantle Maitaima 5G mast

Following speculations that the dreaded coronavirus raging the world was as a result of the 5G that was introduced globally, indigenes of Abuja under the auspices of Abuja Original Inhabitant Youths Empowerment Organisation (AOIYEO) have threatened to dismantle the already installed 5G mast in Maitaima  if necessary actions are not taken by the federal government.

The natives through their leader, Commandant Isaac David, told Blueprint in Abuja Sunday that the natives could not bear the silence of government on the speculation over 5G, saying “even if it is a rumour, there is the need for government to take drastic action to look into it and command the deactivation of the 5G, since it has become a matter of life and death.

David threatened that the natives of FCT may defy the sit-at-home order and go ahead to dismantle the 5G mast in Maitaima district, because they cannot sit down and wait for people to start dying before they take action.

“From the information we gathered, it has been revealed that the 5G network if allowed to be test run in Abuja, may be worse than the dreaded coronavirus  that the whole world is battling with right now and so we cannot allow it to be test run in Abuja. 

“Even if it is true or not, the federal government should do all it takes to discourage it from being installed. From what we heard, it kills the immune system, affects the respiratory system, causes cancer and hypertension and indirectly cause the death of coronavirus patients.

“So, with this information, we will vehemently resist the installation of the mast and any of its equipment in any part of the territory. We will not allow the death ravaging countries like Italy, Spain and even America to be replicated in Nigeria, especially in Abuja. God forbid!”

David appealed to President Muhammad Buhari to prevail on the Minister of Communication, Dr Isa Ali Pantami and all its agencies in the business of 5G network to “stop immediately and use such resources to engage network operators on how to reduce the cost of data usage and high call tariff.”

“We will equally take it up with the FCT Minister, Mallam Bello Mohammed, that he should not allow the installation of the 5G network anywhere in the territory.

They should not think that there are no educated people in Abuja, because with facts on ground, the denial of the communication minister was a mere drama,” he said.

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