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COVID 19: 34 Ebonyi youth arrested for living in two rooms



Ebonyi state government Thursday said it arrested about 34 youths who were living in a two rooms of about 4 to 5 square meteres size.

The youth made up of girls and boys are within the age brackets of 18 and 24 years respectively. They were said to be doing some businesses in the state which is suspicious.

Secretary to the state government, Dr. Kenneth Ugbala, revealed this while briefing journalists in old Government House, Abakaliki.

Ugbala narrated that the suspects were from Plateu, Rivers, Imo, Anambra, Edo and other states including Ebonyi. He  said they always leave at night for their various businesses and come back in the morning hours to sleep. 

He noted that some of the suspects were school dropout while some separated from their parents and that their staying together in the two small rooms’ apartment poses security risk in the state.

And encouraged security agencies to arrest the landlord of the two rooms saying the suspects have been handed over to the police for investigation

He said, “I was called by the chairman of Abakaliki local government area that 33 persons, about 18 young men within the age of 18-24 and girls about 12 in numbers were arrested by Neighbourhood Watch and we heard that these young men and women were 33 living in two rooms inside the town. And they are just inside the house claiming to be doing one networking business and their composition is not quite good for the security of the state.

“One is that they are young people. I tried to find out where they came from, some came from Plateu, some came from Rivers, some came from in Edo state. Some came from Anambra, some came from Imo and some Abia states. Some of them are from Ebonyi and the question is this: if some of these persons are from Ebonyi state, why are they not operating from their houses? Why going to gather in a particular place?

“We discovered that they are up to something. From the record we have from security investigation, in the night, they all move to different places and come back together to start sleeping in the day.

“So, we are not comfortable with them and they pose security risk. We have handed them over to police for investigation. They have violated COVID-19 law. There is no how up to 15 -18 persons will be staying in a small room of 4-5 square meter.

“I encourage the security agencies to arrest the landlord of where they are staying because such landlord must know what their tenants are doing. From the information available to us, some of them have dropped out of school and  some of them have left their parents”. 

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