Court advises couple to explore alternative dispute resolution

 April 1, 2021(NAN)Mr Wahab Balogun, the President o a Customary Court in Ikorodu, Lagos has advised a couple to explore Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Balogun gave the advice, after Mr Ibrahim Lawal, who works in a company on Thursday begged the court to dissolve his 18-year-old marriage on grounds that his wife, Fatimoh humiliates him in public.

”The court will you and wife to ADR. While doing this, you are still husband and wife until court pronounces otherwise.

”Both of you should live peacefully,” he said.

He adjourned the case untill April 29, for hearing in the out of court settlement or dissolution.

In his petition,Lawal said:” when we got married, we lived in the estate allocated to me by my company peacefully with three children.

“All of a sudden she started coming to where I worked to lie to my boss that I do not take care of my family.

”She kept doing that untill I tendered my resignation letter due to humiliation.

“The pressure from her is just too much for me while she made my boss believe that am not a responsible man and eventually turned my children against me”.

Ibrahim told the court that he reported the matter to his father-in-law  but after after settlement she will still do the same thing.

Lawal begged the court to dissolve the marriage adding that he does not love his wife anymore.

Fatimoh, who was present in court, said she was not ready for divorce.

She begged the court to settle the dispute and order her husband to be responsible. (NAN)