Coronavirus: Abuja residents rue presidential order, lament neglect

Residents of Jahi 2, a Federal Capital Territory  (FCT) community, Wednesday, rued presidential order over the coronavirus scare, saying they have been neglected.

While speaking to our Correspondent who visited the area, a resident Saka Rasak Alapoti expressed disappointment in the President broadcast, saying residents were merely trying to cope with the reality that the coronavirus pandemic has thrown it without any palliative to show for it.

He said, “Well we all heard the announcement by the federal government that we should sit at home for another 2 weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but I must tell you it is not convenient at all, especially for some of us who needs to get to our workshop to get clients.

“For instance, with the little amount I had on me, I have stocked my house with foodstuffs and other provisions to keep my family sustained for the time being, but how long can that take us?

“Ordinarily, we expect the government to make cash-token from say N5,000 to N10,000 palliatives available for the people but that was not the case. Not only that, some preventive materials like face-mask, sanitizers and what have should be made available around here because the truth is that not everyone can afford it

“Again, let me tell you, even this food we are talking about, not everyone can afford the money to buy it. So for me it is really a tough situation that we are contending with here,” Alapoti explained further.

Also speaking, a school teacher Miss Elizabeth described the situation as very worrisome, frustrating and boring.

According to her, the whole sit at home thing was frustrating. “Has the government fumigated Abuja enough? I think they should take a cue from other countries in doing that because the 100 plus infected persons in three weeks for me is scary.

Speaking further, she said, “At a time like this when one could not even get light at home coping with the scourge and all that has been somewhat frustrating.

“For instance if you buy perishable foods or fruits, you would need electricity to keep them fresh but where is the light?

“So for me this COVID-19 thing should wake government up more to its responsibility to the people because people are really suffering and I do not think that locking them out or shutting them out of business alone without tokens to purchase one or two things is the solution.

In her own views, a staff Nurse of Medicare Pluxer united pharmacy store situated in the area, Mrs Esther Daniel said although patronages for both face mask and sanitizer has increased, she regretted however that their prices has risen from the source.

“All medics’ products are high in the market where we source them. For our face mask, the price goes for 2 for N50 while our sanitizer goes for N1, 500 as against N1,700.

When asked why the price of their products was lower, Daniel said, “We buy at wholesale price and sell at an affordable price so that everyone can get.

“I think government can come in at this period by liasing with the companies and the producers in order to ensure price stability and ensure that medics needed to contain this virus are not sold at a higher price.

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