Controlling Silverfish – Do It Yourself!

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I hear a lot of talk on the internet about how silverfish are impossible to get rid of, there are no extermination methods available, blah blah blah. That’s just not true, you can call any major pest control company in regards to silverfish infestations, and they’ll be able to do something about it… But if you don’t have that kind of cash laying around, or for whatever reason don’t want to use a professional exterminator, no problem, you can handle an infestation all on your own, with the right knowledge and tools. Starting with the use of traps.

Traps are essential tools with silverfish infestations. First, and the most obvious, traps allow you to take a decent amount of adult silverfish out of play, slowing down the infestation by decreasing the number of silverfish with the ability to make more silverfish. Second, you use traps to locate the “source”. A “source” is a place that silverfish congregate, or have effectively made into their home, inside of your home. In the case of most silverfish infestations there are only one or two sources, basically the bigger your house, the more space you have, the more “sources” there are likely to be present. I realize I’m getting a little unorganized but bear with me this is important. You need to know where the sources are in order to get rid of the silverfish. Here’s why, to repel, control, exterminate, kill or eradicate silverfish, or whatever you like to call it, you’re going to have to spot treat the “source(s)” with insecticides or natural remedies. With silverfish you don’t treat the entire home or building space, that wouldn’t do anything except waste money on insecticide, just trust me a wide spread attack is not the way to go. Now that the importance of the source is established, lets move on to how you actually acquire or make the traps, and set them out.

Pre-made traps can be purchased online at Amazon, one brand is called silverfish paks, if you just type silverfish paks into Google you should find them with ease. Traps are available at a hardware store near you, I believe sometimes they are called spider traps at places like Home Depot and Lowes, so just know they can also be use for silverfish as well, despite the spider specific packaging. But if you really want the most bang for your buck, make your own traps, they’re really easy to make, they take no time at all, and here’s the kicker, they frequently work better than store bought traps, in that they usually catch more per setting.

Next, how to set out traps effectively to locate a source. You need to have a general idea where silverfish live in urban environments, here’s a few common places, under sinks with cabinets directly under them, in closets, in cupboards, and in backrooms that is used for storage, finally they’re fond of most any moist and dark place. Set traps out in areas like I just described, then you wait, if you catch a lot, you’ve found a source. Traps should be set out just before bedtime, in the morning, depending on the nature of the trap some may should be checked just at or before sunrise.

Once you’ve located the source using traps, its time to use treatments to kill and or persuade the silverfish to leave. Depending upon you individual situation, should you choose the treatment that best suits your circumstances. For a more complete run through of silverfish control, including the different ways to go about it, see my article “Silverfish Control”, a link to which is at provided below this article, it’d be a good Idea to read the other three primary articles on my website, Overview, Life Cycle and Diet. Good luck to you.

Source by Will Austin

I want to share Stories and images for publishing Whatapp News

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