‘Class of ’90’ donates N4m medical items to LASU clinic

 The ‘Class of 90’ (students who graduated in 1990) of Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, on Wednesday donated medical items worth N4million to the institution’s health clinic.The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the medical items donated consist of 10 air conditioners, bed side tables, digital blood pressure monitors, hospital bed sheets and medical scrubs.Mrs Oluyemisi Kolade,

the President of the Class, said that giving back to their Alma Mater was necessary and important.Kolade said that what they were donating was a stepping stone because the plan of giving to LASU by the set, which was in the institution from 1986-1990. would be a continuous one.“This giving back to school initiative is also to celebrate our 30th anniversary of leaving school,

which we did not celebrate last year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.“This is our first time of doing this and we discovered that LASU still needs a lot of donations from different groups.“We promise to do more by also collaborating with different sets, groups, organisations and so on,” she said.Kolade said that they were proud of LASU because of the education standard and its recent ranking as the second best university in Nigeria.“Government needs to put in more concentration in education system because education is one of the major priorities in life.“Parents also need to train and pay attention to their children’s education in order to give them good moral support and better future,” she said.Receiving the donation, Prof. Oyedamola Oke, acting Vice-Chancellor,

LASU, described it as a blessing and blocking of gaps in the university’s health clinic.Oke said that LASU management really appreciated the Class for giving back to their alma mater.“We want to encourage all alumni of the institution to always come back to LASU.“I also urge all past students globally, of LASU, to work together in cooperation with their national body,” he said.Also, Dr Nasir Ariyibi, Medical Director, LASU Health Services, said they were grateful for the donation because there were a lot of demands in the clinic.Ariyibi urged more groups and alumni to replicate such initiative so they could continue to provide good healthcare to the staff and students.(NAN)