Chelsea and Juve legend Vialli provides update about his fight against cancer | English News

25 February at 14:30

Juve and Chelsea legend Gianluca Vialli received an award in memory of Giacinto Facchetti today. The former striker provided an update on his fight against cancer. “I deserved this prize, maybe they gave it to me because the jury thought next year could’ve been too late. But I am feeling well, everything is going well. It wasn’t a great moment for me but I am doing my best. I am getting ready like when I was a footballer. I believe you’ll have to tolerate me for quite a long time. I owe a lot to football. Thanks to it I bought my first car, my first house and….lost virginity!”

Speaking about a role in Italy NT, Vialli said: “It can be an idea. I want to thank the president Gravina. I am proud of this offer, I just need time to think together with my family. It would be great to take care of Roberto Mancini again”.


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