Juventus right-back Joao Cancelo allegedly swore at a fantasy-football player after he was asked whether it would take him ‘two years’ to provide an assist.

Cancelo was targeted by SOS Fanta user Antony Ajengui after he went three Serie A games without a goalscoring contribution on Sunday against Bologna.

“Do we have to wait two years for you to provide an assist or even score a goal?” wrote Ajengui in an Instagram message to the Portuguese.

“For fantasy football I bet everything on you in defence, but until now you’ve been a disappointment. Then there are these useless yellows you pick up…”

That prompted Cancelo to hit back [in more family-friendly translations]: “Go to hell, I don’t care about fantasy football or any fantasy rubbish…

“The important thing is to win. Don’t send me any more messages!”

Despite the user’s frustrations, the former Inter defender has scored a goal and provided four assists for Juve this season.


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