If you got to this article your probably wondering how legit is it to buy beats online?

Is it really a safe option for me?

Well actually it’s no different than buying beats offline, actually some people might say it’s safer.

Let me explain, let’s say if in the real world (offline) you give a producer some money for a beat and he says he’ll give you the beat later and you don’t end up ever getting it, there’s not much you can (legally) do there.

Unless you hire an attorney for that, there’s no company in between you two that’s making sure everyone gets what they want and the process goes smoothly. Also, if your just making a name for yourself you most likely aren’t dealing with lawyers quite yet.

This is where buying beats online can actually be safer and easier. I say this because as long as the producer has some sort of 3rd party shopping cart to handle the beat purchase then you’ll have a company that has your back and will do everything in their power to make sure you get what you paid for.

This is simply because most 3rd party shopping carts (such as PayPal and Google Checkout) have to keep the consumers happy or not word will get around and people will look for other companies to do business with.

With PayPal you have their “PayPal Purchase Protection” which allows you to not have to pay if you don’t receive your beat. So PayPal has the power to suspend the money from the producer’s account if you didn’t receive the beat.

Also, with Google Checkout they have similar protection through their “fraud protection policy”. So you can actually see that you’ll be BETTER off doing business online when your buying beats for your album.

Another important thing when your using these 3rd party solutions you don’t have to worry about your credit card information being stolen or being seen by the producer. To make sure your credit card info never gets revealed just follow this easy quick tip.


Look up at the top left on your Internet browser when your on a page where you have to enter your card info and look for a https:// instead of http://, which means that they have a secure site with an SSL certificate.

Now if you come across a site that doesn’t use a 3rd party shopping cart then I would stay on my toes and make sure your super safe when it comes time to buy your beats. You can do some additional research on the producer’s website to look for testimonials, reviews, comments and see if other people are safely doing business with them.


Source by Philip A. Bassi

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