Brief history of cultism in Nigeria schools by Babatunde Dare [Social media]

Cultism can be defined as the practice of activities that are associated with secret cults. Secret cults are organizations whose membership and modes of operation are considered to be unconventional and known to members only.

Cultism is one of the major vice confronting the Nigerian educational sector. Cultism in Nigeria today, dates back to when Wole Soyinka and a group of six friends formed the pyrate confraternity at the university college, Ibadan.

According to the founder of the group, the group was formed to advocate against the discrimination and oppression of poor and disadvantaged members of the society. The activities of the group back then were not violent.

However, the emergence of different cult groups led to the introduction of violence as a key component of cult activities right from the point of initiation.

In 1972, the buccaneers association of Nigeria was founded by former members of the pyrate confraternity.

In the 1980s, there was cult explosion in higher institution throughout Nigeria.

The following are some of the common cult groups identified in Nigeria and the year they were formed.

  1. Pyrate confraternity formed in ,1952 at the university college, Ibadan
  2. Eiye confraternity (EIYE) formed in 1965 at the university of Ibadan**Buccaneers confraternity (ALORA) formed in 1972 at university of Benin
  3. Neo black movement (BLACK AXE OR AIYE) formed in 1983 at the university of Benin
  4. The Mafia Confraternity (The Family Fraternity- COSANOSYRA) was formed in 1978 at the University of Ilorin in Kwara State

The consequence of cultism cannot be over emphasized but can be view in two broad ways; the society and the individual.

The consequence on the society are loss of innocent lives, destruction of valuable properties, increase in crime rate and fall of educational standard while individual consequence are death, loss of limbs, poor academic performance, bad reputation and lack of peace.

On this note BABATUNDE DARE ( DR DRE) suggests 3 possible solution to this social vice in the 21st century which are:

  1. Proper campaign on the negative effect of cultism.* Individuals at all levels in the society should be properly educated on the negative effect of cultism.
  2. Encouragement of academic exploit.
  3. Everyone in the society must join hands in providing conducive learning environment for student as well as supporting activities that encourage learning.
  4. Good parental upbringing.
  5. Parents should put in good effort in bringing up their children so as to ensure that they don’t imbibe bad character that encourage violence.
  6. Children must be taught the values of good moral

BABATUNDE DARE A.k.a DR DRE**University of Ilorin*