Brewers, Marlins trade Twitter barbs over Christian Yelich trade

Brewers, Marlins trade Twitter barbs over Christian Yelich trade

The Christian Yelich deal hasn’t aged well for the Miami Marlins. Upon being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, Yelich crushed baseballs en route to an MVP award. His follow-up season is looking equally dominant.

With those two teams facing off, the Brewers had a prime opportunity to gloat about pulling off that heist.

Problem is, the Brewers decided to send out that tweet after dropping the first two games of the series against the Marlins. One of those losses was a particularly embarrassing 16-0 drubbing by Miami.

The Marlins were not going to let the Brewers forget that.

So, who wins this round? While the Brewers would normally have bragging rights, the fact that they tried to talk smack after two rough losses hurts quite a bit. We’re going to give credit to the Marlins for capitalizing on the opportunity to punch back about the Yelich deal.

Given how poorly the deal has worked out for the Marlins, this might be their only chance to gloat about it.


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