Brandon Nimmo missed a spring training game because he undercooked chicken

Rarely has a spring training injury ruffled as many feathers as Brandon Nimmo missing the New York Mets’ game on Wednesday. The outfielder was sent home because of food poisoning, with the most Mets possible cause.

Tim Healey of Newsday keeps us abreast of the issue.

No matter how you slice it, this incident is another figurative pox on the Mets, who introduced hand, foot and mouth disease of all things to baseball last year.

Nimmo was a rare bright spot on last year’s Mets, a good egg on a team that featured Jacob deGrom and little else. Nimmo hit .263/.404/.483 with 17 home runs in his first full season, one of just six qualified major leaguer hitters to post a .400 on-base percentage.

Nimmo turns just 26 in March. All his career trajectory arroz (con pollo) are pointing upward.

So he’s very good at baseball, but not so good at cooking chicken.

While the specter of the Mets hiring someone to actually teach Nimmo how to prepare chicken sounds like a blast, why make your own chicken when Guy Frieri will soon be able to bring Flavortown poultry to you?

But before all you Chicken Littles think the sky is falling, it’s likely Nimmo will only miss a short amount of time with this unfortunate illness. Just be sure when Nimmo returns, he stays away from the Steak Shack at Citi Field, just to be safe.

With Nimmo waiting in the wings, the Mets started Rajai Davis, Keon Broxton and Rymer Liriano in the outfield on Wednesday, and were able to get a leg up over the Marlins.

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