A group, Democracy Vanguard of Nigerians in Diasopra, has urged the Presidential Election Tribunal to be “courageous, firm, just and equitable” prepares to deliver its verdict on the 2019 presidential election.

The group specifically advised the judges to be just, equitable, firm and willing to toe the path of integrity, honor, good conscience and equity.

The group made the request in an open letter made available to newsmen Tuesday in Abuja and signed by its president, Mr Timothy Sule.

“It is pertinent at this junction to urge members of the panel, especially Justice Mohammed Garba to be courageous, firm, just and equitable,” part of the letter read.

Sule lamented that Nigeria currently has the highest level of youth unemployment ever, highest level of emigration since 1960, highest level of social maladjusted deviant behavior, highest level of crime and extra judicial killings.

He further stated that the country has the highest level of brain drain, highest level of capital flight, highest level of ethics division and divisive rhetoric and unprecedented level of inept and clueless leadership.

He continued: “Today, Nigeria is the laughing stock of the world; we no longer have credibility and respect, not in Europe or America, not in Africa where we made the center piece of our foreign policy, not in West Africa, not anymore.

“South Africa, a nation Nigeria helped out of their woes and dungeon is now daring and testing our might by the incessant killing of Nigerians and the destruction of their property.

“Despite all the problems facing Nigeria at this moment, I still believe that Nigeria has one last chance to change the world’s perception of us. It is not over yet. We can still redeem ourselves.

“In the middle of all these gloom and doom, I see a bright light at the end of this tunnel. That tunnel is the PDP’s petition before the Presidential election petition panel.”

The group urged the justices of the Court of Appeal to adjudicate on this petition “with utmost fairness, devoid of technicalities and with courage, devoid of timidity.

“The fate of the federal republic of Nigeria is now in the hands of the Nigeria’s judiciary, especially the election tribunal headed by Justice Mohammed Garba.

“We urge the panel of justices to remain resolute in the discharge of their duties. They must not be intimidated, cowed, cajoled or hoodwinked into giving a perverted judgement. This will not be acceptable to Nigerians and the international community.

“Their Lordships must be firm and be willing to toe the path of integrity, honor, good conscience and equity,” the group concluded.

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