International Youth Day: MAMA Centre calls for inclusive, accessible educational system in Nigeria

As the world commemorates the International Youth Day 2019 with the theme “Transforming education”, the Mothers and Marginalised Advocacy (MAMA) Centre demands increased priority towards inclusive and equitable access to education by the youth in Nigeria, as enshrined under Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are worried that half of youth between the ages of 15 and 17 in sub-Saharan Africa (with Nigeria included) are not in school, totalling more than 93 million children and youth of primary and secondary school ages out of school across the region, as reported by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

We find more worrisome that in at least 15 million children that will never set foot in a classroom, girls face the biggest barriers.

We are not unaware that about 17 million Nigerian children and youths do not have access to education and many more are without access to good education despite the growing importance of quality education to individual personal development and socio-economic prosperity.

While reports have showed that girls are particularly disadvantaged across sub-Saharan Africa with 9 million girls who will never attend school compared to 6 million boys, this disadvantage, according to Global Education Monitoring Report, starts at an early age in the region, where 23% of all girls compared to 19% of all boys are out of primary school.

We are concerned that children with disabilities face multiple forms of discrimination which leads to their exclusion from society and school. Attitudes toward children with disabilities, as well as a lack of resources to accommodate them, compound the challenges they face in accessing education. While lack of access to school is an issue, an equal concern is the inability of the education system to ensure quality education for children with disabilities. 

In Nigeria, gender, like geography and poverty, constitutes an important factor in the pattern of educational marginalization with states in the north-east and north-west having female primary net attendance rates of 47.7 percent and 47.3 percent, respectively, meaning that more than half of the girls are not in school, as reported by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

As Nigeria continues to face struggles getting its young females to enter and remain in school, the education deprivation in the country is driven by various factors, including economic barriers and socio-cultural norms and practices that discourage attendance in formal education, especially for girls. This is in addition to insurgency attacks that continue to rob millions of their right to education, especially across the North East region.  

The existing child bride practice is another factor exacerbating educational marginalisation in Nigeria. The country has the largest number of child brides in Africa with 23 million girls and women married as children. This fact is buttressed in another report by UNFPA which reveals that nationwide, 20 percent of girls were married by age 15, and 40 percent were married by age 18.

We condemn child marriage as a fundamental violation of human rights as many girls are married without their free and full consent; and persistent deprivation of girl children rights to good education and personal liberty, altering their efforts to secure befitting future which includes improved health, lower fertility, and increased economic productivity.

We therefore, demand accessible and inclusive learning spaces to ensure physical accessibility for children with disabilities, including commuting and moving around in the school environment, as well as adequate preparation and orientation of teachers for inclusion through dedicated teacher training and retraining programmes.

We call for increased priority by government at all levels for the establishment and mainstreaming of conducive learning environment and materials in accessible formats to suit the needs of children with different types of disabilities. 

We call for full implementation of various regulations and laws backing child rights including access to quality education, to encourage and re-install personal liberty and dignity of girl child at all levels in Nigeria.

We demand strengthened Nigeria’s criminal justice system to checkmate abuses and violation against girl child right to education and standards of living.

We also call for full implementation of the federal law that establishes 18years as the legal age of marriage for girls by all levels of government.


Barr. Ola E. Onyegbula  

Executive Director

Insecurity: Jonathan was a better President, Nigerians should apologise to him – Frank

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, has called on Nigerians, particularly those who worked against the re-election and sabotaged the former President Goodluck Jonathan to publicly tender an apology if the country must move forward.

Frank said unless Nigerians prefer to continue in pretence, the era of former President Jonathan managed well the challenge of insecurity compared to what the country has now.

In a statement Timi Frank released to newsmen in Abuja on Saturday, called on religious leaders, traditional rulers and all Nigerians who directly or indirectly worked against Jonathan’s government to ask for forgiveness before it is too late.

Frank acknowledged that there were things Jonathan’s government should have done better but in all Nigerians made a wrong choice of electing the current administration.

“I call on Nigerians that we should beg former President Goodluck Jonathan for wrongly voted him out and sabotaged his government. I must confess that as an APC figure in 2015, we fabricated many lies against Jonathan, though I have publicly apologised to him but other Nigerians, especially the pastors, Imams, traditional rulers and other opinion leaders should beg for forgiveness too.

“It is obvious now that insecurity in our Nation has gone out of hand. The challenge was limited to a zone under Goodluck Jonathan but presently no state, including General Buhari’s home state is secured.

“Under Jonathan, Fulani herdsmen were using stick but they now carry AK 47. Under Jonathan, lives of Nigerians were more important despite the challenges but under Buhari, cows are more important than lives.

“There was democracy and rule of law under Jonathan but its now rule of force and impunity. Under Jonathan, National Assembly were active and working but its now a rubber stamp.

“Under Jonathan, Nigerians abroad were relocating back home but under Buhari Nigerians are running away. Under Jonathan Nigerians are respected all over the world but that has since gone under Buhari.

“Under Jonathan Nigerians were crying in tears but now Nigerians are crying in blood

“Under Jonathan, there was freedom of speech but that has long gone under the APC administration.

“Under Jonathan, poverty, hunger and unemployment were not as bad as it is today. Under Jonathan Nigeria was a unitedunited Nation but sentiments have taken over now.

“As it is now, all the institutions of government that were working well under Jonathan have all been blackmailed and politicised.

“So, I call on others who betrayed Jonathan to come out publicly and apologise to him. I also use this opportunity to appeal to former President Jonathan to forgive Nigerians and bless the Nation against the evils that have pervaded the land.”

Frank said Nigerians should ask the APC administration what happened to the $1 Billion ECA money removed to fight insecurity in Nigeria.

He called on Nigerians to support a peaceful revolution to take back Nigeria to the good old days from the hands “evil men in power.”

Sowore’s detention: Judiciary is Nigeria’s major problem – Timi Frank

…Seeks Ban on Corrupt Judges

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, has described the judiciary as Nigeria’s major problem, adding that most judges are now shy and afraid of delivering fair judgement because of their corruption records.

Frank, however called on the international community to also ban judges and their immidiate family members, who could not summon courage to deliver the right judgement.

In a statement released to newsmen Thursday in Abuja, Frank condemned the court ruling ordering the detention of Omoyele Sowore for 45 days, he urged the United Stated of America, United Kingdom and the European Union to fish out corrupt and compromised Judges in Nigeria and enforce visa restrictions against like politicians.

The Bayelsa-born political activist wondered the type of offence that Sowore committed to warrant his detention for 45 days without trial in a court of law.

Frank described the detention order as the manifestation of what he described as a ‘Satanic collaboration’ between the executive and the judiciary to suppress opposition voices in the country, adding that Judges who are often quick to grant bail to corrupt politicians are afraid to release activists fighting for the socio-political emancipation of the country and her people.

He called on Nigerians not to acquiesce in the face of evil but to speak out and take the struggle to the door steps of corrupt Nigerian Judges in order to save the nation’s judiciary.

“I urge the Judiciary to wake up because Nigerians are becoming impatient with the kind of judgements coming out from the temple of justice expected to be the last hope of the common man.

“When people cannot get justice, they would sooner than later resort to self-help. Some
corrupt Judges presently manning some courts should not add to Nigeria’s woes because posterity’s unavoidable judgement awaits both the Judged and the Judges.

“It is expected of judge to be fair, bold and not succumb to intimidation from any angle. The APC’s administration has a penchant for manipulating the nation’s judicial system but any Judge who cannot resist their presure should step aside now before Nigerians will rise against them.

“I hereby call on Nigerians to prepare to take the protest to the door-steps of the judiciary as they are the biggest problem we have today.

“Besides, I call on the USA, UK, EU and other members of the international community to fish out corrupt elements in the judiciary and place travel ban on them like some of them have done to the 2019 election riggers,” he said.

PRESS RELEASE: Army Replies Police Allegation on Army Shooting

The attention of the Army Headquarters has been drawn to the Press Release by
ABUJA Ref No. CZ.5300/FPRD/FHQ/ABJ/VOL.2/68 Date: 7th August, 2019 on the unfortunate incident that occurred on the 6th of August 2019 in which troops of 93 Battalion Nigerian Army Takum pursued and exchanged fire with some suspected Kidnappers who indeed turned out to be an Intelligence Response Team from the Police Force Headquarters Abuja on a covert assignment from Abuja resulting in the death and injury of some members of the Team.

On the 6th of August 2019, the said Nigerian Army troops, while responding to a distressed call to rescue a kidnapped victim exchanged fire with the suspected kidnappers along Ibi-Wukari Road in Taraba State.

The suspected kidnappers numbering about ten (10) and driving in a white bus with Reg No LAGOS MUS 564 EU refused to stop when they were halted by troops at three consecutive check points. The flagrant refusal of the suspected kidnappers to stop at the three checkpoints prompted a hot pursuit of the fleeing suspects by the troops. It was in this process that the suspected kidnappers who were obviously armed opened fire at the troops sporadicaly thus prompting them to return fire.

In the resultant fire fight, four (4) suspects were shot and died on the spot while four (4) others sustained various degrees of gunshot wounds and 2 others reportedly missing. It was only after this avoidable outcome that one of the wounded suspects disclosed the fact that they were indeed Policemen dispatched from Nigerian Police, Force Headquarters, Abuja for a covert assignment.

However, following inquiries from a Police Station officer who was asked by the commander of the Army troops whether he was aware of any Nigerian Police team being dispatched to operate in the LGA, the Divisional Police Officer of Ibi Police Division responded that he was not informed about any operation by the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters thus lending credence to the distressed call from members of the community that the suspects who turned out to be Policemen on a covert mission were rather suspected kidnappers.

This incident is indeed quite unfortunate and could have been avoided through proper coordination and liaison as the Nigerian Police Force are partners in the fight against crimes such as kidnapping amongst myriads of other internal security threats confronting our nation of which the Nigerian Police is the lead Agency.

In order to avert future occurrences of this nature, the Army Headquarters and the Force Headquarters of the Nigerian Police have agreed to constitute a Joint lnvestigation Panel to be headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Criminal Investigation Department, DIG Mike Ogbizi, to jointly investigate and report on the true circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident. Therefore, until the Joint Investigation Panel concludes and submits its report, it will be premature to officially conclude and speak on the real circumstances that caused this unfortunate but very avoidable unfortunate incident.

Acting Director Army Public Relations
7 August 2019

How Nigeria Soldiers Killed Police Men,Injured Others

The Nigerian police has revealed how soldiers opened fire on police team in Taraba and injuring several other personnel on Wednesday.

The unfortunate incident happened along Ibi-Jalingo Road, police said. The officers were of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

Explaining in detail was the assistant police superintendent, Felix Adolije, who led the officers to the state to arrest a suspected kidnap kingpin whom the police identified as ‘Alhaji Hamisu.’

Recording to him, police officers “came under sudden attack and serious shooting by soldiers of the Nigerian Army,” police spokesperson, Frank Mba, said in a statement.

He explained further that the officers were taking Mr Hamisu to the Command Headquarters in Jalingo when the soldiers opened fire on them “despite sufficient proof that they are police personnel on legitimate duty,” the police said.

A civilian was also killed alongside the inspector and two sergeants by the soldiers, while an undisclosed number of others sustained injuries.

RevolutionNow: Timi Frank challenges DSS to name sponsors

…Warns against blackmailing innocent Nigerians abroad

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, has challenged the Department of State Security Service (DSS) to make public the names of the Nigerians abroad and the foreign collaborators allegedly sponsoring the #RevolutionNow protest.

Frank, who warned against blackmailing innocent Nigerians abroad by the DSS, said the security agency should not allow itself to be used by the ruling APC against some perceived political enemies.

Reacting through a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja on Monday, to the claim by the DSS that some people abroad were behind the protest, Frank challenged the secret police to make its finding public or stop discrediting Nigerians.

Frank said: “I challenge the DSS to bring out proof that some people abroad are sponsoring Omoyele Sowore’s #RevolutionNow protest. The current development has simply shown that the APC government is not used to democratic system of governance hence the fear it continues to create in the mind of Nigerians.”

Frank warned the operatives who are currently intimidating and arresting their fellow Nigerians to learn from the case of former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki, who had power to arrest anybody then but now under perpetual detention.

“The DSS authorities should stay off politics and stop blackmailing innocent Nigerians for demanding for their rights.”

Frank described as a ‘lazy’ thinking for anybody to conjure that the Sowore-led group is planning to overthrow the current government.

He said: “If there is anybody breaking the laws of the Federation by their actions it is the present administration and its officials who have no respect for the rule of law nor obey simple court orders.

“Where is the DSS’s intelligence that shows that some people are sponsoring the group? If the DSS is so sure of its assertions and not playing the script of the APC’s administration, the secret police should make public the names of the alleged sponsors.

“Nigerians and the whole world now know clearly that the current panic stricken administration is not tolerant and it has just scored own goal by arresting a leader of a civil group demanding good governance without violence or any dangerous weapon.”

“The current insecurity, hunger, parlous economy, unmitigated unemployment and disregard for the rule of law under this government has worsen to the extent that Nigerians would not need anybody to pay them before they come out on the streets to protest against bad governance being perpetuated by the APC.

“What happened in 2014 was not up to this level before Nigerians came out enmass under former President Goodluck Jonathan and the then administration didn’t accuse or arrest anybody. The General Muhammadu Buhari-led APC should learn to be tolerant,” Frank stated.

RevolutionNow: Timi Frank condemns Sowere’s arrest, urges support for revolution

…Says Buhari is a product of protest.

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, has condemned the purported arrest of the convener of #RevolutionNow, Omoyele Sowere, even as he appealed to other comrades not to lose focus.

Frank said the country needs such massive protest now more than ever before because of the killings, kidnapping, banditry, hunger, unemployment, economic disaster and all manners of mismanagement going on.

In a statement released to newsmen on Saturday in Abuja, to condemn the arrest of Sowere by the DSS, Timi Frank said the protest is not about the convener but about the survival of Nigeria as a country.

He, however called on Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka, Femi Falana, Olisa Agbakoba and others who he described as ‘fathers of protesters’ to support Sowere’s idea if they are not also supporting the evil currently ongoing in the country.

According to Frank, it is the constitutional right of the citizens to protest when they are dissatisfied with anything in a democratic government.

He said all over the world, citizens are expressing their disaffections without being arrested by their governments.

The Bayelsa born activist reminded General Muhammadu Buhari of how he led protest in 2003 when he was in ANPP and 2014 before he emerged Nigerian President.

Frank said: “If the arrest is not resisted now, it will become order of the day to the extent that even the Labour unions and the media will no longer be free to air their views.

“Even the Abacha government did not do what this current government is doing. In Sudan, Hong Kong and other nations, citizens are protesting against their governments and nobody is arrested or intimidated. General Buhari should know that this is democracy and if its hard for him to cope, he should step aside.

“This revolution is long overdue. It is not about the convener but about the unworkable system which has resulted in all these avoidable killings of innocent Nigerians and all manners of evil in the land.

“I therefore call on like minds, the media, the real comrades and the known fathers of protest like Olisa Agbakoba, Femi Falana, Tunde Bakare and others to act now or else their names will become history for keeping quiet in the face of evil.

“I also call on the international community, especially the American government to speak up because Sowere is also an America citizen fighting for the betterment of our society.”

Popular African Footballer in Randy video show of shame

One of the high flying Cameroonian Footballers, Clinton N’Jie   has Accidentally Livestreams Own S*x Tape on social media

The footage was viewed by thousands of people before N’Jie realised his error and deleted the video, but by then it was too late. 

However, the Former Tottenham Hotspur striker Clinton N’Jie has apologised for posting a sex tape live stream of himself on Snapchat, claiming that he was trying to look at the news but “had drunk too much”.

The Cameroon international, who currently plays for Dynamo Moscow after spells with Lyon, Spurs and Marseille, had to clarify what happened after a video of him involved in a sex act with an unknown female was accidentally broadcast on his social media profile.

The footage was viewed by thousands of people before N’Jie realised his error and deleted the video, but by then it was too late.

The 25-year-old later confirmed that he had been out celebrating a new contract after agreeing to join Dynamo from Marseille that involved consuming alcohol, which he claims lead to him trying to Google his own name to read about the transfer.

But in pressing the wrong button on his phone, N’jie managed to upload the video to his Snapchat story.

“I’m sorry, I had drunk too much,” he told “I celebrated my new contract and wanted to read the news. I pressed the wrong button.”

The bizarre incident overshadowed N’Jie’s move to Russia after he signed a four-year contract to join the Moscow outfit, having spent the best part of three seasons in France with Marseille – having initially left Spurs on loan in 2017 before joining on a permanent deal that summer.

The forward scored 16 goals from 83 appearances with the Ligue 1 side after a solitary unsuccessful season at Tottenham in 2015/16, in which he failed to score in 14 matches before being sent out on loan at the end of the summer transfer window.

Outrageous Block Buster: The Lion King’ Film Makes One Billion Dollars Less 3 weeks

It was another mile stone for the popular animation movie the Lion King

made another mark in the industry after grossing one billion dollars in just three weeks. 

It was revealed that Lion King movie Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ has crossed the billion-dollar mark after less than 3 weeks in theaters. News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the live-action remake of the 1994 movie features Beyonce, Donald Glover and Chiwetel Ejiofor in lead roles. The movie joins ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Aladdin’ as the fourth Disney title to surpass one billion dollars in global ticket sales in 2019. With its blockbuster slate, Disney has nearly 38 percent of the domestic market share, a cut that increases to more than 40 percent when Fox, which it just purchased, is added. ‘The Lion King’ earned 361 million dollars at the domestic box office and 638 million dollars overseas. Outside of North America, it had especially strong showings in China with 115 million dollars, along with the United Kingdom with 48 million dollars and Brazil with 44 million dollars. The movie also stars Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumbaa. James Earl Jones reprised his role as Mufasa from the original animated film. The milestone comes on the heels of another Disney benchmark. Between July 26 and July 28, the company set a new all-time record for global ticket sales for a single studio. Disney hit 7.67 billion dollars worldwide, smashing the mark it previously set in 2016 with 7.61 billion dollars. Disney set a new record in 2016 with four films that grossed over 1 billion dollars. In the coming months, Disney will release ‘Frozen 2′, a ‘Maleficent’ sequel and ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’.

Security threat:Cardi B Cancels Indianapolis Concert Due to Police Warning Threats

One of the most vibrant rap artists CardyB has canceled her concert due to the red flag raised by security operative,
while Confirming the cancellation via Twitter, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said it cited an unverified threat to the artist. 

Cardi B US rapper, Cardi B has cancelled a concert in Indianapolis on Tuesday due to security threat. Confirming the cancellation via Twitter, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said it cited an unverified threat to the artist. “This evening, there was a scheduled concert at Bankers Life.“We were notified of an unverified threat to the artist and the artist cancelled this evening’s concert.“There is no immediate threat to public safety, this not an active incident. The ongoing investigation,” the department said. The 26-year-old rapper, however, apologized to her fans for the sudden development, assuring them that the show has been rescheduled. “Dear Indiana I just want to let you know I was in the venue today.“I rehearsed and started doing glam.“Due to a security threat that is under investigation, the show was cancelled.“My safety and your safety first.“I want to thank the promoters we have already rescheduled the show.“I’m so sorry guys I never dealt with a situation like this before and I’m not taking any chances.“I love you guys,” she wrote on Instagram. It was reported that Cardi B cancelled her concerts for Memorial Day Weekend, as a result of complications from plastic surgeries she underwent.