Audio Conference Services


Some people who use audio conferencing for personal or non-formal meetings do not need to engage the services of professional audio conferencing service providers. There are many services available via chat services. Some can be obtained for free if all users are using the same chat service, like Skype, Hotmail Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, just to name a few. However, if you wish to make calls from your computer to a landline or mobile phone then you would need to purchase an online calling card, which are available at affordable prices, and there are many providers to choose from.

The above options may not be the best, if other facilities are needed. They may lack the vital information that you require for work or reporting purposes. This is when professional services provider are highly desirable. Some of the extra services that service providers offer include call recording (where the entire conference will be recorded for the benefit all those who cannot attend), call recording playback, live queued question and answer program, online call scheduler, permission-based users (where access is allowed to people selected by the user to access their account), online billing account, call record history and other services which you may require.

Audio conferencing service providers can also provide similar services, like the conventional conference or exhibition service providers, who can take care of the entire organization of the conference, from sending invitations to the participants, informing the participants on how to go about using audio conferencing, preparing welcome speeches with the help of an emcee, coordinating the ‘arrival’ of the participants and also arranging for hold music if an interval is necessary.

The services for audio conferences can also be custom-made to suit the needs of the individual or the company. This is a very cost-effective and innovative method of organizing conferences and meetings. This could be the number one choice for conferencing methods in years to come!


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