Carlo Ancelotti claims Napoli ‘remind me of my Milan’ as Aurelio De Laurentis is ‘similar’ to Silvio Berlusconi in running the club ‘like a big family’. 

“The table doesn’t lie, it’s partially to Juve’s credit and partially our fault,” he told La Stampa.

“Ronaldo? He’s very motivated and focused on what he has to do. It’s always the same with him.

“You don’t have to say much to him. He’s one of those players who are better to listen to.

“Napoli can and must be able to compete with Juventus, otherwise I wouldn’t have come here. Sooner or later we’ll win, I’m certain of that.

“’Ancelottismo’? It doesn’t exist. I’m interested in having a team who don’t have a single identity but can do everything.

“You have to build on the characteristics of your players. You can’t make a slushie without the ice. Football can be played in many ways.

“The group of players here are less formed than the ones I had at Real, Bayern or Chelsea, for example, so I can have more of an impact on them.

“It reminds me of my experience at Milan, plus De Laurentiis is similar to Berlusconi. He manages the club like a big family, and I feel like a member of the family.”


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