Ancelotti: ‘It’s better to listen to Ronaldo, Koulibaly like Sergio Ramos’ | English News

28 February at 13:20

Ancelotti on Juventus, Napoli, Meret and Koulibaly Carlo Ancelotti has praised Juventus’ extraordinary season and spoken highly about Meret’s ability amongst other topics in an interview with La Stampa, ahead of the two sides meeting at the San Paolo.

On Juventus – “The table does not lie, Juventus deserve credit, they are above average and we are very average. We played a few games wrong, but have had a good season. Juventus will come here to finish the Scudetto, by exploiting their characteristics: a solid defense, counterattack, competitive spirit, and the speed of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is very motivated and focused about what he has to do. He’s always the same, you do not have to say much, he’s one of those players that it is better to listen to.”

On Napoli – “Napoli can and must be able to compete with Juventus, otherwise, I would not have come here, sooner or later we will win, I’m sure. The stress of the bench? If I knew it, then I would have accepted the National team job, but I need to work every day. The group of players here are less formed than Real, Bayern or Chelsea for example, so you can have more impact, which reminds me of my experience in Milan. De Laurentiis is similar to Berlusconi, he manages the club as a big family, and I feel like one of the family.”

On Meret – “Meret is a great talent, on a technical level he reminds me of a young Buffon, he has had a lot of physical problems, and he is a bit apprehensive, but with time he will gain in personality.”

On Koulibaly – “Koulibaly belongs in the category of Maldini, Thuram, Thiago Silva, and Sergio Ramos. He’s very clever, usually he’s so fast and strong he thinks it’s no use to solve problems. He knows that it’s not enough to have a strong personality.” On Insigne – “Can Insigne grow again? No, his growth lies in finding continuity, you could not ask for more talent.”

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