Amazon.com has one of the most well know and most popular affiliate programs on the net, but this does not mean it is the best.

What are the good things about Amazon associates?

– Amazon sells everything, you can do the same. Just about any product you can imagine is stocked by Amazon and you can sell any of them through their affiliate program for a commission.

– The program is 10 years old and so is very well developed. The help menu and FAQ have all you need to know about using the oldest of all affiliate programs.

– There are lots of different set-up options to choose from. For example ‘Omakase links’ are targeted to suit the content of your site, where as using ‘Product links’ allows you to hand pick specific products.

– You can tailor the colour schemes of the Amazon ads to suit your site.

– You can simply use text links instead, which saves space of your web page and statistically have a higher click through rate.

– The new ‘aStore’ allows you to set up a free site to display Amazon products.

– As long as the customer followed your link to Amazon.com, what ever they buy will count and you will earn commission.

The Negatives

– The percentage of commission is very low. You start off at a mere 4% rate, which increases up to a maximum of just 8.5%. This is a major bummer and makes it difficult to justify using the program.

– Everyone knows what Amazon.com is. I say this is a bad thing, because when they click through your ad the first thing they will think is ‘oh it’s just an Amazon advert’. Arguably you could say that Amazon is a trusted brand and so would increase the rate of sales but I would disagree. People know it can’t be a special bargain if it’s on Amazon.com.

– There is a lot of competition. A Google search for ‘Amazon associates’ reveals over 42million results.


Amazon are a household name and clearly is not a ‘scam’. Amazon associates is solid, reliable affiliate program but I still would not recommended it. This is simply because the commissions are too low. As a rule of thumb 20% and above is a good commission, anything else, especially 4% is very low and not worth the effort. For this reason Amazon Associates isn’t in my ‘recommended sites’ section.


Source by M. Jones

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