African Revolution: Funny Cartoon (N-report INEC) (Episode 2) -Video

Nigeria, a land of hope and promise, home to the largest black population, abundant in natural resources, human capital and a large youth population. Africa’s largest economy, the giant of Africa. Yet, a giant plagued; a giant beleaguered and ravaged by Poverty, Unemployment, Corruption, Insecurity and outright daylight public looting. The people starve in the midst of plenty. The time has come for Nigeria to take her place globally. It is time to build a nation void of corruption, looting and insecurity; a nation where every man, woman and child shall benefit from the wealth and God given resources of our land, where the basic obligations of shelter, food and security shall reach every single Nigerian without prejudice to ethnicity, religion or culture.
Corruption is a choice, and not a culture. CHOOSE to #thinkRight #actRight and #liveRight. #BeTheChange!


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