Three-year contract rejected 

Netherlands U20 international Bobby Adekanye (Photo) has already been signed to some notable clubs. Ajax Amsterdam’s talent headed to Liverpool FC from FC Barcelona in the summer of 2015. There, the move to the professionals was to follow within a year – but to this day, despite the promise of those responsible for Coach Jürgen Klopp’s team, he has not been used. A contract extension beyond the summer is therefore out of the question for the youngster.

Bobby Adekanye B. Adekanye Liverpool FC U23
Right Winger
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U21 Premier League

“Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. That’s how this works in the football world, I have to accept things like that. I can’t say I’m sorry. I’ve learned a lot, I’m going to take all the lessons with me on my next step,” said Adekanye in an interview with “Voetbalzone.” The Reds are said to be offering the 20-Year-old a new contract until 2022. “I don’t see any real planning behind it, so it’s pointless for me to stay,” explained Adekanye.

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Adekanye was particularly disappointed with the club’s executives. “I was expecting to get a chance at Liverpool earlier,” said the winger. Before the current season, Adekanye was supposed to go on a US trip with the professionals in the summer preparation period, but eventually was not allowed to join the trip. “In the end, that didn’t happen. This is a pity and has helped me not to renew my contract. If they promise things like that and it doesn’t happen anyway, I don’t know what will happen if I sign for three years. The trust is no longer in place, even though I still respect the club very much,” explained Adekanye.

He added: “They don’t just extend contracts for three years, so maybe there’s a timetable behind it. But I don’t trust that anymore. Three years is a lot, I’m not just going to sign for a period like that if there’s no planning or perspective. It’s good in terms of money, but it’s no use if there’s no perspective behind it. Money will come later, I need game minutes now.”

Where the youngster will transfer to is still undecided. In January, Lazio publicly denied any negotiations following media reports of an imminent transfer. “It’s one of the clubs interested, but it hasn’t been decided 100 percent yet,” Adekanye admitted. He explained, “I’ve also heard something about Barcelona, and Willem II in the Netherlands. I can’t list the full set of clubs now because they may change tomorrow. There is interest from the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, among others.” The only important thing for the winger is: “I think I’m ready to play somewhere in a first team. That’s going to be a big step, because I haven’t played professional football yet.”




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