Addressing Inter-Agency Rivalry, By Atinuke Brenda Lawal

It is disturbing the reports of inter-agency rivalry among security agencies in Nigeria. Rather than ensure maximum protection of life and property, the personnel engage in unnecessary altercations that is not only detrimental to national security but the image of the country as a whole.

The recent unfortunate fight between the Nigerian Navy and the police in Calabar, Cross River state where a police officer was beaten to a pulp by naval ratings was quite unfortunate. More worrisome was the report that after the issue was resolved in the afternoon, some navy personnel still stormed a police station in the evening and were shooting indiscriminately.

The untoward behaviours must be addressed by the government by ensuring that those involved are punished to prevent reoccurrence of such disaster. Nobody is free from the insecurity cases in Nigeria, both the adults and the children and even the ones meant to secure us.

It is necessary to, therefore, call on security agencies to establish and sustain a mutual relationship through collaboration and coordination of activities in ensuring the protection and safety of the citizens.

…On maltreatment of Young Offenders

A report recently disclosed that more than 200 teenagers are rotting in prison custody in Lagos without trial. Some of the detainees were detained for minor offences.

When some of these children were being interviewed, they claimed that most of them were arrested because they could not bribe the police men who arrested them. Some of the children also claimed that they were taken away without their parents’ consent.

There have been various cases of security officials wrongly accusing people and making them go to jail. For instance one of the teenagers that were locked up in the Lagos prison said that when he had no money to pay the policemen, he was subsequently charged with armed robbery.

This is unfair to the society. Only God knows the agony and pain the families of those young detainees may be going through the unfortunate situation.

The entire blame is not on the police force and other law enforcement agencies but also to the government as an institution. The government should ensure that security personnel should observe and abide by the laws on treating young offenders, not by unlawful detentions.

A case that deserves arraignment in court should be done quickly and expeditiously because as they share every a suspect is innocent until

Cases should be well investigated and offenders should be left to face the penalty of their offence if found guilty.

Atinuke Brenda Lawal

Department of Mass Communication

Covenant University

Ota, Ogun State


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