AC Milan, Donnarumma: ‘I am sorry for my mistake’ | English News

31 March at 10:45

After his decisive error against Sampdoria leading to AC Milan’s defeat away from home, Gianluigi Donnarumma spoke to the microphones of DAZN in a post-match interview.

“Mistakes happen, I’m sorry to everyone, I thank my teammates for their support. When you always want to play from the bottom, you can do something wrong, I’m sorry because we didn’t even get a point,” he said.

“Our head is already set for the match against Udinese. Last year I didn’t have an easy time, If I passed that, I can get through this too. I have to go ahead with my head held high, never stop. Thank goodness we already play on Tuesday.

“Quagliarella? He is a great friend. I met him in the national team, he is a great friend and I thank him so much for coming to console me immediately,” Donnarumma concluded.

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