A White Separatist Hate Group Funnels Hurricane Katrina Funds

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon has shut down web sites set up by a White Separatist Hate Group which solicited funds for Hurricane Katrina Victims. Nixon claimed this group was funneling the funds to there own group. This is just one of Many Hurricane Katrina Scams on the Internet

According to the FBI over 2,000 Web Sites have been soliciting funds for Hurricane Katrina Victims and most of them are scams. The Most Popular sites pretend to be soliciting funds for the Red Cross and look deceptively like the Red Cross website. You can Donate directly to the Red Cross at their web site (redcross.org).

An Internet watch group scambusters.org has identified some popular methods used by these Internet Scam Artists to solicit funds on behalf of Hurricane Katrina Victims.

1 – Phishing scams

Many fraudulent websites with the look and feel of legitimate charities solicit funds on behalf of Hurricane Katrina Victims.

2 – Virus Scams

An E-mail is sent with an attachment claiming to contain Photo’s of Hurricane Katrina victims. When the Attachment is opened a Trojan horse is placed on your computer designed to steal your banking information.

3 – Hate websites

Hate Groups are setting up web sites and soliciting funds on Behalf of Hurricane Katrina Victims.

4 – Fee Based Scams

Spam E-mails offering to Find Loved ones lost in Hurricane Katrina for a Fee.

5 – Chain Letter Scams

E-Mail Chain Letters offering a Donation to Hurricane Katrina for every copy sent.

For the latest Scams visit the scambusters.org web site.

The best way to protect yourself is to give directly to known charities. CNN.Com has composed a list of reputable charities that are donating money to Help the Katrina Victims (cnn.com/SPECIALS/2005/katrina/help.center/)

Unfortunately with Rita on the way their will be many more scams for Rita I’m Sure.

Source by Mike Makler

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