A New Alternative Thanks To Dream Translation

Carl Jung gave us the key we needed in order to open a strange door, which leads to another dimension.

I simply completed his work. This is why I always mention his name in my articles. My work is merely a continuation of his work.

When I say that I completed Carl Jung’s research I mean that I completed the end. He discovered everything, and I simply completed a small part in the end. My work is insignificant in comparison with his work.

However, I managed to discover the sanctity of the unconscious mind and I precisely obeyed the guidance I had in my dreams because I needed psychotherapy and I understood that I could trust the divine guidance. I was afraid of my own judgment. I knew that I was neurotic.

I became a doctor after being cured and guided by God in my dreams thanks to Jung’s method of dream interpretation and thanks to God’s generosity. This means that the complementation of Jung’s research was very important.

My work gives to Carl Jung the merit he deserves for discovering the accurate meaning of the dream language and the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind. The world couldn’t evaluate the real importance of his discoveries because his method of dream interpretation is too complicated, obscure, and time-consuming.

The fact that I could simplify and clarify his method of dream interpretation is a solution that everyone will use in order to solve their problems and find sound mental health without a doubt.

God’s psychotherapy in dreams is free of charge. You only have to sleep, pay attention to your dreams, write them down, learn the dream language, and translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation, the same way you translate a document written in one simple language to another simple language made by words.

The dream language is made by images. When you will learn the symbolic meaning of the most important dream symbols and you will understand the dream logic, you will be able to have a direct communication with God and eliminate your mental health problems forever. You will also be able to make important discoveries and change your life.

This alternative will save the human race, but right now many people ignore its existence, and many other people are afraid to lose their privileges, without understanding that they can learn the dream language and use this alternative too.

Everyone can have the privilege to talk with God through dream messages. He answers all our questions in our dreams.

I used two doctor’s work in order to become a doctor. Everyone else can do the same.

Everyone can use Jung’s work and my work to be in contact with the best doctor we could every find: God, the creator of our planet and the creator of our human conscience.

God is a neurologist, psychologist, pathologist, biologist, astronomer, physicist, and a lot more, besides being a philosopher, an artist, and a priest.

God can cure every mental or physical disease. He can help everyone make many discoveries and important inventions. He can transform every human being into a saint and completely eliminate terror, violence, and immorality.

God can help humanity understand the importance of purity, loyalty, love, morality, goodness, justice, sincerity, forgiveness, compassion, patience, tolerance, humbleness, and generosity.

God knows everything.

Wish I could say that I’m happy because humanity will be completely cured, but the process of transformation we have to follow is difficult and many people don’t want to see the truth as it is and go ahead.

The truth God showed us about who we really are is very bitter, but our mental health problems and the horrors of the world are even worse. We had to learn the truth in order to stop being mentally ill.

We have to be humble and follow the necessary process of transformation in order to find sound mental health and purify our spirit now that we know how absurd we really are, and we have to help God change the world.

We must organize our world based on God’s justice.

Our justice is false.

Everything in the world must work according to God’s moral rules. Everything must be judged based on goodness and wisdom.

Source by Christina Sponias

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