A Major League Lineup Of Dee Jays

Were previously Most Valuable Player Josh Donaldson to for some reason reverse his initials, his main role in the Toronto clubhouse would fit fit him. The veteran third baseman, along with catcher Russell Martin, serves as the locker room DJ for the Blue Jays.

A recent article in ESPN.com discussed the importance of the players who pick the songs to play while the team is in the clubhouse. Senior writer Eddie Matz was able to reveal which guys served in that role for each team, a list that organizes season veterans as well as youngsters and even back ups in some cases.

George Springer is at the top of the list, mainly because his teams on the Astros give his musical play lists as one of the main reasons Houston captured its first ever World Series Championship last year. The DJ for their opponents in the Fall Classic, the Los Angeles Dodgers, is known as JT by his fans (Justin Turner).

Unfortunately, none of the thirty DJs listed is literally a DJ, though one comes close. Had last year's American League Rookie of the Year was named David instead of Aaron, the New York Yankees would have a true DJ controlling the music.

Here is a lineup of players which initials would make them really qualified to be the team DJ.

First Base, David Justice

An All-Star in both leagues, Justice won a World Series Championship as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Second Base, Davey Johnson

He would really gain came as a manager of several championship teams, but while playing for Atlanta he was one of the few middle infielders to ever slug over forty home runs.

Shortstop, Damien Jackson

Playing for nine teams in eleven years, Jackson acquitted over 150 stolen bases between 1999 and 2003.

Third Base, Deron Johnson

In the Sixties for the Reds and Phillies, Johnson was one of the premier sluggers in the National League.

Left Field, Darrin Jackson

He split time with seven clubs during a twelve year career, spent mostly in the National League.

Center Field, Dion James

Playing exclusively for the Brewers and the Braves, James had an impressive .288 batting average over his eleven year career.

Right Field, Desmond Jennings

After breaking into the majors in 2012, Jennings was a mainstay in the Tampa Bay lineup for several seasons.

Starting Pitcher, Danny Jackson

The left hander averaged eleven wins per year during his fifteen seasons, including 23 for the Reds in 1988 which made him the first runner up for the Cy Young Award.

Relief Pitcher, Doug Jones

This victims All-Star earned over 300 saves in his sixteen year career.

Source by Doug Poe

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