A bracket of the best fans in the NFL on Twitter devolved into insults Wednesday night when a series of FOX Sports polls culminated in Greg Olsen taking a shot at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Starting 10 days ago, FOX Sports posted a bracket pitting fan against fan in a battle to determine who is the greatest NFL fan base on Twitter. The idea immediately took hold with NFL teams, desperate to find something to talk about ahead of the draft, which led to lobbying for votes.

Things were relatively tame until the Sweet 16 started, and issues popped off in the NFC South. The Buccaneers claim Panthers fans rocked their vote by block voting for the Eagles, who crushed them in their round of 32 matchup.

To be fair, the Panthers tried some underhanded tactics of getting votes — but dirty politics are a part of the game.

A move the Buccaneers didn’t take too kindly to.

Then the Jets jumped into the fray.

Causing the Panthers to hit the button on a nuclear option.

We’re left with multiple NFL teams all lobbying for votes in a poll-based bracket that means absolutely nothing. Olsen really escalated things by calling out Tampa Bay for their attendance, a move that Panthers fans loved and Bucs fans, well … they didn’t have an answer for it.

Keep in mind that the ferocity of tweets went up a factor of 10 when we hit the Sweet 16 from the round of 32. Who knows where this will end up.


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