2019 NFL Combing betting: Geoff Schwartz’s best bets for workouts and drills


Did you think gambling on the NFL stopped after the Super Bowl? Well placing wagers on games has ended, unless of course you’re a degenerate like myself and place some money on the AAF. Even without NFL games, there are wagers to be placed. Those start with the NFL Combine this week!

The last QB to run anything under a 4.42 within the last ten seasons is Robert Griffin III, clocking in at a 4.41. Players like Russell Wilson and Pat White, both who fit the physical description of Murray, ran 4.55 40s. With all of that being said, I’m going for the under here and I’ll explain why.

Murray can freaking fly. This is as unofficial as it gets, but a fine Twitter user put together this video of Murray sprinting in full pads through a defense over 40 yards.

He can scoot. Multiple people have stated over the last few weeks that Murray is the fastest player they’ve watched this season, including his future head coach Kliff Kingsbury (see what I did there).

The disadvantage for the under is Murray’s weight. Murray, according to most, played around 185 in college. We’ve been assured Murray will be 205 at the combine. That’s a big weight gain in a short amount of time. However, I think the whole point of this week is Murray showing out. Reports are he’s going to throw at the Combine which is now becoming somewhat of a no go for the top prospects. He wants to ball out. He wants to show people he can run like the wind at 205. Give me the under.

Kyler Murray -700 to run the fastest 40 for QBs. This won’t be close. Yes, you must lay 700 to win 100, but, it’s going to be a winner.

He’s clearly going over 4.71 and lay the juice here. Contrary to what Stephen A Smith believes, Haskins is a prototypical pocket passer which leads towards a slower 40 time. He’s not focusing on running fast heading into this week. He just needs to not break a leg. For further examples, just look at last season. Josh Allen is considered an excellent athlete who is fast. 4.75. Baker Mayfield, who rushed for over 100 yards more than Haskins, ran closer to a 4.9. Same with Sam Darnold. So, no chance Haskins is under that time.

Most Bench Presses By Any Player: Over/Under 40 (BetOnline)

So, I’d have 10000% jumped on the over before doing some research. Since 2009 (so the last 10 Combines), there have been a grand total of eight OL/DL players who’ve reached the 40 number. Eight players. Yes, a grand total of eight. I was shocked by this. Maybe I thought guys were stronger. Plus we generally only hear about the players who bench a ton. So, with the under getting some plus money, I’ll take it all day.


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