10 Things to Do In Lagos on a Weekend,By Jogbojogbo Abdul

Whether you live in Lagos or you are just visiting on a weekend, there are a lot of fun activities to immerse yourself in and great destinations to visit that are both affordable and truly exciting.

While the general feel is that Lagos is an expensive city, the truth is that several places to visit in the city offer more value to visitors than they actually charge. If you know where to look, you’ll get to enjoy all the goodies. We’re hoping that this guide will be your map of gems to visit and things to do in Lagos. 

  1. “Owambe”

Owambe – a yoruba slang that means party is one of the things that people In Lagos live for. Free food, towering head gears, great music, dance, and selfies – what’s not to like? Although not statistically proven, Lagos probably has the highest number of wedding ceremonies and other such parties on weekends. Whether you are invited or not, if you wear the right clothes and smile and nod confidently, you’ll enjoy a free meal and a great spectacle.

If you are looking for stuff to do on a weekend in Lagos, or just out to meet new people, scroll through your contact list and you’ll be sure to find a friend who’s hosting one every weekend. If you don’t have a friend hosting, well, you can just don an ankara, smile, nod, and enjoy your weekend. 

  1. Go to a Tech event

Lagos is the technological hub of Nigeria, on a good day, you can even say West Africa. As a result of that, the various tech communities that make up this giant hub host several meet-ups and conferences that fill up most weekends. If you’re a geek, mildly curious, or just interested in tech, then a quick internet search on tech events scheduled for any weekend will almost always yield satisfying results.

  1. Clubbing:

Lagos has some of the best night clubs you can find anywhere. Young Lagosians party hard and the top club destinations are clubs like Quilox, Escape, and 57. Several hotels also have great  and popular night clubs. A couple of them are listed here; Villa Angelia, Lekki Suites, Regent Luxury, Lagos Oriental.

  1. Paintballing

Paintballing lets you unleash the child in you, an opportunity to play out your favourite action movie scenes and shoot toy guns at your worst enemies or villains. You don’t need to be an expert strategist, all you need are friends, paintballs and gear, and there you go, it’s fun time! If you and friends are looking for a fun, action-packed activity, try paintballing at the Rink owned by Hard Rock.

  1. African shrine

You might have heard about the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti and his legendary Afrikan shrine. So why not check it out? You get to see another part of Lagos, feel the afrobeat culture and the music. Every Saturday night, you get to watch a live performance of Seun Kuti, as he brings afrobeat back to life. A word of caution though; this place is not for the fainthearted, be prepared to be overwhelmed.

  1. Visit Beaches

Let the cool waves of the salty water wash over you this weekend. Don’t miss out on horseback riding and evenings with sands between your toes. There are lots of beaches you can visit, from the most popular Bar-beach and Elegushi to Lekki, Ilashe, or Coconut beach (Badagry). Lekki Leisure Lake is also a good place to spend your weekend. The artificial beach resort is a nice place to relax under the sun in Lagos. Jet skiing, boat rides, quad bike riding, and the list of fun activities you get are endless. Let’s not forget the great food available at the bar.

  1. Visit the Jazz Hole

If you love good jazz music, books and African artwork, then this is the place for you. Enjoy a relaxing day at the Jazz hole, and you can purchase your favourite albums and books there too. The place is located at 168 Awolowo road, Ikoyi. There is also a snack bar available there where you can get delicacies to nibble on while you enjoy the music.

  1. Visit the museums

If you are interested in exploring Nigeria’s history and art, then you should consider visiting museums in Lagos. Outside of the things you get to learn, these museums also make for an escape from Lagos’ hustle and bustle offering a quiet space to appreciate the pleasures of art.

In Lagos, two museums stand out – The Muson Centre at Onikan, and the Kalakuta Museum, the former home of the music icon – Fela Kuti. Usually, you pay an entry fee before being admitted into these museums.

For visitors from outside Lagos, here are a couple of good hotels close to these museums where you can lodge as you enjoy your visits; Somitel Hotels, Trinity Suites, Vantage Beach Hotel, Crown Edge Hotels.

  1. Lekki Conservation Centre

For the natural lovers in our midst, the Lekki Conservation Centre is a great place to explore and get in touch with mother earth. Amazingly, it’s still standing intact since its establishment in 1990. Walk down the monkey bridge through the savannah, pose with the pride peacocks or have a picnic under the big huts.

  1. Visit Hard Rock Cafe

American culture enthusiasts celebrated when Hard Rock Cafe hot Lagos. Treat yourself to delicious steaks and burgers, or dip yourself in the cafe’s pool. There are also live performances to be on the lookout for on its large stage.

If you’re visiting the conservation centre or the cafe, here are a list of decent and affordable hotels where you can lodge De Lawrence Court, Hotel Lawa, Landmark Hotel, and Maidaville Hotels.

If you live in Lagos, it can be very stressful during the week, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to affordable,relaxing and enjoyable weekends. For visitors or tourists from outside Lagos, the state offers a plethora of amazing destinations that are worthy of visit.


Author: Jogbojogbo Abdul

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